Blockchain Applications and Services

Software Applications
We develop software applications based on blockchain technology, from backend to frontend.
Tokens and NFT
We develop tokens compatible with the ERC20 standard and tokenize products and rights as non-fungible tokens.
Smart Contracts
We implement smart contracts to automate, on blockchain, activities involving economic transfers or legal agreements.
We help companies implement solutions based on blockchain, supporting them in the choice of the right technology and in the evaluation of the related possibilities and risks.

Our Technology

We have scientific and technological expertise with the most used blockchain technologies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance and Cosmos, and we have built vertical solutions over the Tendermint engine. We can also provide solutions based on the Hotmoka blockchain technology developed at the University of Verona.

A Special Team

Our team includes university professors of computer science, legal experts in intellectual rights and managers. This allows us to offer to our customers a realistic and complete vision of the blockchain technology.


A spin-off company of the University of Verona, Italy

Vero4Chain Srl, Strada le Grazie, 15, 37134 Verona (Italy)
Italian VAT number: 04843430234
Total shares: 15,000 euros